Dan Coombs, The Ball, 2011

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And to think he’s lived in Berkeley this whole time.

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I’m at a place in my life where:

i am making room for the new 

but I’m extremely exhausted from

constantly having to do shit alone 

meets being emotionally drained

feeling things I no longer want to feel. 

I don’t understand why it gets to be you?

Yet, somehow I wish I could talk to you again.

I miss a lot of it then I think: I should forget it all.

Because I can clearly see that you’ve got

what you want so I guess you’re happy.

Just hard to tell if it all ever mattered.

On another note,

I’m moving to a new city in a week.

I’m anxious and semi-terrified. 

Brother’s birthday is coming up in ten days.

It is crazy to think that it has been three years.

More than anything I wish I could talk to him since

I’m older & I actually know shit about life now.

It’s 4:44 AM and I’m wide awake.

This is fucking stupid.

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I can run away pressing pause on your replay.

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